Resources & Publications

resouces and publications

WPI’s library has created a Project-Based Learning Educators’ Resource Library. This is a great starting point for information about project-based learning at WPI and in general as well as recent scholarship on project-based learning.

Faculty and staff affiliated with the Center for Project-Based Learning have written numerous conference papers and journal articles about project-based learning, which are available on WPI’s Digital Commons. Publications are organized by year and are fully searchable within the collection.

Research Briefs

Minority-Serving Institutions

This research brief discusses the research regarding the effectiveness of PBL pedagogies and curricula for Minority-Serving Institutions. Published case studies are suggested for further reading.

Project-Based Learning in Community Colleges

This research brief examines the research on the effects of project-based learning on retention and academic learning within community college settings. Case studies of project-based learning in community colleges are suggested for further reading.

Case Studies

Reinventing the Curriculum to Provide Students with a Meaningful Education
In this case study, two very different institutions share how they have embraced the advantages offered by one educational approach—project-based learning—but for different reasons.