The Center for Project-Based Learning is pleased to provide a variety of resources to help advance PBL efforts across higher education.

Research Briefs

View or download the Center’s series of Research Briefs that examine the research behind PBL across disciplines, programs, college settings and more. 

PBL Newsletters

Looking for the latest news, resources and tools to implement project-based learning on your campus? Turn to our quarterly AdvancePBL Newsletter to stay connected about PBL practices in higher education.

Practitioner Supports

We have curated a set of resources to support faculty in their use of project-based learning.  These currently include guides on teaching project-based capstones, creating OERs with students, student peer-review of team-based writing and more.  We intend to continue to add to this page.

PBL Podcasts and Webinar Series

In a five-part series on The Academic Minute, a WAMC National Production, WPI faculty talk about research and scholarly work focused on the impact of project-based learning (PBL), as well as the dynamics of team-based high impact practices.

Developed in conjunction with the Chronicle of Higher Education and PBL leaders around the nation, “Project-Based Learning as a Vehicle for High-Impact Practices: A Three-Part PBL Webinar Series” explores how institutions are using project-based learning as a vehicle for high-impact practices. The series focuses on three levels of change: the course level, the program level, and the cultural level.

PBL Publications

Faculty and staff affiliated with the Center for Project-Based Learning have written numerous conference papers and journal articles about project-based learning, which are available on Digital WPI. Publications are organized by year and are fully searchable within the collection.