Developing a Communication and Information-Sharing Plan for the Caribbean Climate Adaptation Network

Project Report PDF

Project Sponsors: Dr. Pablo Méndez-Lázaro and Dr. Tischa Muñoz-Erickson

Team Members: Frank Almeida, Max Anderson, Mohamed Barry, RJ Franzen, Brandon Taranto

Project Advisor: Professors John-Michael Davis and Alizé Carrère

Abstract: Climate change is causing severe worldwide effects and the Caribbean region is especially vulnerable. The Caribbean Climate Adaptation Network (CCAN) was established in 2022 to increase climate resiliency efforts in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, but its geographically dispersed and interdisciplinary nature creates significant communication challenges. To address this issue, we conducted semi-structured interviews with nine NOAA CAP teams and seven CCAN team members. Additionally, we facilitated an in-person discussion and a survey with the entire CCAN team. Based on our qualitative and quantitative data, we identified effective internal and external communication strategies and software. Using the information gathered, we developed a communication plan for the CCAN.