Green Schools Design: Puerto Rico

conteSponsoring organization: International Institute of Tropical Forestry

Team members: Michael Conte, Danielle Karcher, Sarah Mavilia, John McGonagle, Kelly Winthrop

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Abstract: In Puerto Rico, there is a lack of emphasis placed on the importance of environmental sustainability, particularly at schools. Our team’s goal for the project was to research current conditions at the Sabana Llana Junior High School in San Juan, Puerto Rico and recommend a green infrastructure design. After we collected data about the school’s current state, we investigated ways to improve the school buildings and surrounding outdoor area through means such as water catchment systems, solar panels, green roofs, cool roofs, high-efficiency plumbing and lighting, tree removal and planting, recycling systems, and composting. Through interviews, case studies, and cost-benefit analyses, we made recommendations to help the school become more environmentally sustainable.