Google Recruiting Humanities at WPI!

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This Information Session is scheduled to take place on Thursday, March 15th 5:30-6:30pm Goddard Hall Room 227
Below is an overview of the information session as provided by the Google rep:
During the info session, we’ll spend some time talking about the technical writing discipline to further educate students on the skills, responsibilities, and career paths that the position entails. Our hope is that we can make more students aware of the profession and get some of them excited about pursuing a career in technical writing (or a similar field). After talking about technical writing for 20-30 minutes, we’ll open up to Q&A with the students.
Given the event’s structure, it would be helpful to work with the Humanities & Arts department to make sure that we get as many students who are majoring or minoring in a Humanities field as possible to attend. The whole student body, however, is invited to join us, particularly if they have an interest in pursuing a writing-focused or writing-related career.
(Read the event poster PDF.)

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