PW Major: Requirements


1. Scientific and/or technical concentration (See Note 1) 6 credits, or 18 classes

2. Writing and Rhetoric (WR) concentration (See Note 2)  3 credits, or 9 classes

3. MQP (See Note 3)  1 credit


  1.  The student’s scientific and/or technical concentration must be a plan of study, approved by the student’s program review committee, with a clear underlying rationale in mathematics, basic science, computer science, engineering, and/or business.
  2. The Writing and Rhetoric concentration consists of 3 units from the 2 following categories.
    •  Writing and Rhetoric (2 units) from any of the existing WR courses or equivalent ISUs. This must include WR 3112: Rhetorical Theory unless a substitution is authorized by the student’s program review committee, which will be granted only under unusual circumstances. No more than one course at the 1000-level can be applied, and students must complete at least one 4000-level course in WR.
    • Electives (1 unit). The 1 unit of electives must be coherently defined and approved by the student’s program review committee. Students may draw on: Courses in Writing and Rhetoric not used to fulfill the above 2 units requirement; Courses in science, technology, and culture studies (such as AR/ID 3150, CS 3041, CS 3043, EN 2252, HI 2334, HI 2402, HI 3331, HI 3333, HI 3334, IMGD 2000, IMGD 2001, GOV 2302, PSY 2406, STS 2208); Philosophy and ethics courses (such as PY 2711, PY 2713, PY 2714, PY 2716, PY 2717, PY/RE 2731, PY/RE 3731); Foreign language courses; Business courses (such as BUS 2080, BUS 3010, BUS 4030, OBC 3354, OIE 3420, OBC 4366, MIS 3720, MIS 3740, MIS 4781).
  3.  The MQP should build on the student’s scientific and technical concentration while articulating a problem within professional writing.