The following lists include PW MQP reports/projects as available through the eProjects search system and Digital WPI.

Notes: PW MQPs are typically part of an interdisciplinary MQP with another major. This means the PW portion of the project (including its title) might be contained within the other major’s report. Also, some students’ other majors require additional security for their MQPs, which means a report might not be accessible without the advisor’s approval.

* Represents the winner of the Provost’s MQP Award for the most outstanding project in Professional Writing for that year.

Author Title Advisor
Raul Arias Philippi Experimental Cinema Yunus Telliel
Shanna Bonnano & Mark Bray An Epidemiological Study of Gastrointestinal Diseases in Northern New York Brenton Faber
Jacqueline Cardin Analysis on Water Quality: Pharmaceutical Concentration and Community Communication Ryan Madan
Ann Jicha Medical Consent and Heterogeneity Aware Federated Learning Kevin Lewis
Nasim Mansuri* Best Practices for Adapting Manufacturing Documentation Kevin Lewis
Justin Polcari Epidemiological Study on Treatment of Hypertension at the Epworth Clinic Brenton Faber
Deanna Rice (To be posted) Yunus Telliel
Allison Steeves Relaunching the COVID-19 Chronicles: A Social Media Campaign During the COVID-19 Pandemic Jennifer deWinter
Christopher Tocci Social Determinants of COVID-19 in Worcester, MA Brenton Faber
Author Title Advisor
Michael Gake Analysis of Standard Manufacturing Documentation Kevin Lewis
Katherine Gomes* Segurança e Pesquisa: A Case Study of Translation & Localization of Standard Operating Procedures in the BIOTAR Laboratory Esther Boucher & Kevin Lewis
Natasha Levey Investigating Resource Accessibility on WPI’s Campus (report unavailable) Ryan Madan
Salome Maldonado Writing in the Biomedical Engineering Discipline Brenton Faber
Katherine Vasconcelos The Lifecycle of a Press Release Ryan Madan
Author Title Advisor
Kelly Borden, Sydney Hurley, & Rachel Peterson Analyzing Faculty and Student Perceptions of Writing in the BME Curriculum Ryan Madan
Sarah Brown Improving Safety in School Zones for Students in the Main South Neighborhood of Worcester, Massachusetts Brenton Faber
Brianna Burke Evaluating the Variability of ED Visits for Intellectually and Developmentally Disabled Patients Compared to National Averages Brenton Faber
Ryan Cudemus-Brunoli “Formal and Meaningless” or “Impactful”: Citizen Participation in the Downtown Urban Revitalization Plan Jennifer deWinter
Caroline Flynn The Challenges and Importance of Standard Operating Procedures in Small Businesses: A Case Study with Purgatory Beer Company Ryan Madan
Stephen Foley Potential Diagnostic Markers Associated with Parkinson’s Disease Brenton Faber
Madeline Manfra-Levitt Breast Cancer Co-morbidities in Rural Demographics Brenton Faber
Miles Nallen An Examination of the Technical Writing Genre Through a 3D Printer Manual Case Study Kevin Lewis
Carla Romo Public Perceptions of Second Generation Biofuels Lorraine Higgins
Maxwell Studley* Identity Formation in Paramedic Education Brenton Faber
Author Title Advisor
Kristen Bender Designing Capability Statements to Win Federal Contracts Ryan Madan
Andrew Callahan A Technology Acceptance Model for Solar Adoption Brenton Faber
David Frederick Human Respiratory Disorders Brenton Faber
Eiko Iwashita Dietary Supplement Use: Public Perception and Understanding, 2006-2016 Brenton Faber
Travis Norris* Sailbot: Communicating about Robotics Through Short-Form Video Documentary Jennifer deWinter
Rachel Santarsiero &
David Smallwood
Rhetorical Models of International Development Brenton Faber
Author Title Advisor
Kimberly Codding Popularized Synthetic Biology: Public Perception and Understanding, 2006-2016 Brenton Faber
Alexandra D’Ordine Creating an Online Introductory Guide to Biomedical Grant Proposals Lorraine Higgins
Richard Hayes Design and Authorship for the Halberd Narrative Planning Engine Ryan Madan
Abbegail Nack Dust-Covered Operations & Maintenance Manuals: Why O&M Manuals for Wastewater Treatment Facilities Rarely Meet Operators’ Needs Ryan Madan
Meredith Rioux Sepsis and Comorbidities in a Rural Area Brenton Faber
Isabella Schiavone  The Monomyth in Popular Science Writing Jennifer deWinter
Robert Vigeant Enhancing Career Opportunities: Using Supervised Learning to Analyze Career Outcomes Data Brenton Faber