Writing & Rhetoric Minor FAQs

How do I enroll in the Writing & Rhetoric (WR) minor? 

Where can I find the WR minor’s requirements? 

Will my AP/IB transfer credit count towards the WR minor? If so, how? 

AP/IB credit can count towards the WR minor. For example, if you receive that credit as WR 1000, this credit can count as a WR elective. 

Should I switch to the Professional Writing (PW) Major?

It’s certainly worth considering. The PW major is very popular, especially as a double major. Current WR minors often decide to switch to the PW major; likewise, prospective WR minors often opt instead to become a PW major.

The deciding factor is typically what a student’s course schedule allows by the time they are considering these options. For instance, it’s often quite feasible for a student in their third year to become a PW major because they still have time to plan for their MQP. (In fact, this often happens! Many students opt into the PW major toward the end of their third year, as soon as they realize how well their existing coursework aligns with the PW major’s degree requirements.)

The biggest difference to account for in terms of feasibility is the MQP. If you have room for 1/3-unit (i.e., one course) in your course schedule before graduation, then you can turn your existing 3/3-unit MQP (i.e., what all WPI undergraduate students must complete for any major) into a 4/3-unit interdisciplinary MQP (i.e., for double majors).

Consult the PW Major page for a side-by-side comparison of the WR Minor and the PW Major.

Consult the PW Major FAQs page for quick answers about how your coursework aligns with the PW Major’s requirements.

I have read through this PW website, and I still have an advising question about my PW coursework. 

Contact your PW Advisor. Be prepared to submit your current, complete, and correct:

See General Advising FAQs for more information about filling out these documents.