These RESULTS are typical at WPI…

Graduates from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), the nation’s third oldest technological university, have an average starting salary of $66,983. Students come to WPI expecting to earn a good living as scientists and engineers or to succeed in business when they graduate. What they have found is so much more—they are more sophisticated, well rounded, and prepared for whatever the world throws at them.

Results are typical.

The education you get here is anything but..


Private Colleges That Are Worth the Price


of graduates employed or in grad school within 6 months of graduation


employers recruit on campus each year


average starting salary

Class of 2016


Best Career Services

Princeton Review

top 15

Best Career Placement

Princeton Review

Top 10

schools in the Nation for women in STEM fields


Best Salary Outcomes

Chronicle of Higher Education

Top 30

Colleges That Pay You Back

The Princeton Review


higher starting salaries than national average


Coming out of a college like WPI, students have worked on things that are real world. They really have a place in our organization because they’ve already experienced it.

See why employers are eager to hire WPI Graduates.

A few of the places WPI graduates work

  • Amazon Robotics
  • Apple
  • Avery Dennison
  • BAE Systems
  • Boston Scientific
  • DEKA Research and Development
  • EMC Corporation
  • Expicient
  • ExxonMobil
  • General Dynamics – Electric Boat
  • EverSource
  • General Electric
  • Hewlett-Packard
  • John Hancock
  • Kaon Interactive
  • MagneMotion
  • Meditech
  • Microsoft
  • Naval Undersea Warfare Center
  • PepsiCo
  • Raytheon Company
  • Saint Gobain
  • Shire Pharmaceuticals
  • US Navy


Discover our FORMULA for success.

Here, you don’t just learn—you do. Everything about WPI is designed to stimulate your curiosity, challenge you, and support you so that you can imagine anything and innovate everything—from academics, student life, and the arts, to projects on campus and across the world.

WPI’s project-based academic program continuously puts every student to work as part of teams, challenging them to solve important problems. Yes, they gain technical skills, but, just as critically, they learn to achieve collaboratively, think creatively, and better communicate their ideas. This is what distinguishes WPI.


  1. 50+ majors and programs

  2. 4, 7 week terms, 3 classes per term

  3. No failing grades

  4. In-depth exploration of humanities and arts


  1. Projects are the heart of curriculum

  2. 3 immersive, significant projects

  3. “Emphasizes teamwork instead of competition…” –Fiske Guide

  4. Graduates who hit the ground running


  1. 45+ global project centers

  2. 100% of students receive a Global Scholarship to complete a project off campus

  3. 44 states and 66 countries represented on campus

  4. Top 10 Most Popular Study Abroad Program – Princeton Review (2015-2018)


  1. 45 years of applied learning under the “WPI Plan”

  2. 500 global partners

  3. 22,000 students; 8,100 projects

  4. Alumni who report a stronger personal character and an enriched life that extends beyond academics or work

So many of the amazing things that happen at WPI have their roots in intellectual curiosity and collaboration. That’s why we developed our ‘no failing grades’ policy. We want you to branch out, cross disciplines and experiment.

– Philip N. Clay
Vice President for Student Affairs
and Dean of Students

No matter what your expectations are for college, I guarantee you will be amazed at how helpful everyone is at WPI. My faculty advisor is especially cool. We can talk about anything, and we’ve spent a lot of time picking out classes and figuring out just the right track for my professional objectives.

– Aaron, freshman, management engineering major with architecture concentration

When it’s time to apply for a job, build a resume, or even prepare for an interview, you need to go to the Career Development Center. They are like your superheroes.

– Brie, senior, mechanical engineering major

By tackling meaningful problems in settings around the globe, out students are learning how to be responsible and capable leaders.

– Rick Vaz, Director
Center for Project Based Learning

The interdisciplinary nature of WPI’s project-based curriculum definitely gives me an edge. You get to experience firsthand how your career can have an impact on society.

– Jess, junior, mechanical engineering major

With a breadth of career services and corporate connections, WPI prepares students to launch their careers with confidence.


IMAGINE across boundaries and in all directions.

The pioneering elements of a WPI education are just the starting point. Here you’ll be encouraged to chart your own path, and you’ll do things you’ve never imagined.

WPI students take their education into the real world and emerge ready to work anywhere. They gain an expanded worldview, an appreciation for different cultures, and a global perspective that serves as a foundation for something much more profound than a degree to hang on the wall. We offer our graduates the world.

– Laurie Leshin

Sharing student discoveries and inventions with a wider audience is one of the most important aspects of WPI’s curriculum. Whether through prototype, patent, competition, or publications, projects provide rich opportunities to put your ideas to the test.

– Art Heinricher
Dean of Undergraduate Studies

I headed into college knowing that I liked math and working with a variety of people WPI is a dream destination for me. My Cape Town project is a perfect example. Our team brought knowledge from five different disciplines at WPI—mechanical, biomedical, robotics, industrial, and management. As a result, we made a significant impact in promoting food sustainability.

– Adam, Junior

As a freshman, I was working on a team project with Cameroon’s ministry of education and agriculture. Now I’m prepping for my junior-year interactive project in Zurich. This is why I came to WPI—I couldn’t find opportunities like these anywhere else.

– Ahmand, Sophomore

Dare to imagine what you can achieve at WPI!

What can you do at WPI?

What can you do at WPI?

Make an impact in a community across the world at one of over 40 global project centers.

Explore your humanistic side through courses in theatre, history, writing, and foreign languages.

Take part in any of over 200+ clubs and organizations ranging from music to robotics—or form your own.

Join top-tier athletic teams, including 20 Division III varsity sports and 44 club and intramural teams.

Go Greek by pledging one of 19 on-campus fraternities and sororities.

Make an impact in a community across the world at one of over 40 global project centers.

Explore your humanistic side through courses in theatre, history, writing, and foreign languages.

Take part in any of over 200+ clubs and organizations ranging from music to robotics—or form your own.

Join top-tier athletic teams, including 20 Division III varsity sports and 44 club and intramural teams.

Go Greek by pledging one of 19 on-campus fraternities and sororities.


Explore and INNOVATE Solutions to Real-World Problems

Projects are the heart of the WPI curriculum. We’re passionate about them. At any given time, almost everybody is working on at least one project that involves pioneering research or interdisciplinary innovation—almost always as part of a team. You’ll have the tools, support, and freedom to explore solutions to problems you feel passionate about, and gain career-launching professional experiences.

Pursue your Passion.

Pursue your Passion.


"I designed and installed a water sanitation system in a rural village in Namibia…"

Morgan, Senior, mechanical engineering major


“I worked with a team to build an amphibious robot for disaster response…”

Scott, Sophomore, robotics engineering major


“I ran a human behavior study for my double major in psychology and biology.”

Rebecca, Sophomore, biology & biotechnology and psychology major


“I designed and programmed an entire robot in a robotics challenge…”

Chas, Senior, robotics engineering and electrical and computer engineering major


“I developed a protocol to quantify the sharpness of the edges of snow skis…”

Tina, Senior, mechanical engineering major


“I worked on the Panama Canal expansion…”

Denzel, Senior, civil engineering major


“I had my research published in a journal of medicine…”

Anna, Senior, biology & biotechnology major


“I can study anything you want to throw at me…”

Athena, Senior, mechanical engineering major

What can you do at WPI?

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Join a Community of Innovators & Explorers

Are you curious and creative? Do you like to work in teams to get things done while making your own decisions and setting your own course? Do you love math and science, but feel just as passionate about subjects such as music, art, or movies? WPI could be the right choice for your college education.

Whether you are just beginning your college search, making your final enrollment decision, or somewhere in between, the WPI admissions team is here to help you along the way. Join us on campus for one of our regular information sessions and campus tours, a fall open house, or one of our spring events just for admitted students. It’s a great opportunity to see for yourself what makes WPI a unique place.

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