Future of WPI Robotics

Intelligent robotics will play a key role in the fourth industrial revolution as it fuses technologies that connect physical, digital, biological, and social spheres. WPI Robotics Engineering is well positioned to lead research innovation at the intersections of those different spheres, with its trademark of combining theory and practice. Robotics in medicine and healthcare, manufacturing, material handling, and transportation will be main research themes, with underlying foundations combining motion planning and control, perception, learning, manipulation, robot mechanism design, and human-robot interaction. As applications of robotics technologies become omnipresent in our lives, it is essential to not only develop human-friendly robotics but also educate robot-savvy next generation of workforces. WPI Robotics Engineering is well positioned to expand its leading edge of innovation in educating the next generation of robotics engineers, robot supervisors, coworkers, users, and customers.