RBE Items of Interest: May 26, 2017

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“Parasitic robot” tosses treats to steer a cyborg turtle – A team from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology have developed a robot that can mount on a turtle’s shell and direct the turtle via light (which turtles naturally move toward) and positive reinforcement. The rig looks a little flimsy at the moment, but it’s a good next step in robot-biological cooperation.

Chinese retail giant building one-ton delivery drones – While this seems like a natural direction for drone technology to go, I wonder how air traffic control (already difficult) and bird flight patterns will be affected by these new, larger machines.

Drones Go to Work – A long and fascinating read. Summary: “The disruptive economics of unmanned vehicles are taking hold. Here’s how to think about the drone economy and your place in it.”

World’s first autonomous security vehicle with companion drone – What it says on the tin. An interesting variant on, perhaps, swarm thinking.

Waltzing robot teaches beginners how to dance like a pro – What it says on the tin. However…

Jerome K. Jerome’s “The Dancing Partner” — …it does remind me of this short story from 1893, about an automaton built for that very purpose – and the disturbing results thereof.

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