RBE Items of Interest: June 9, 2017

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TechCrunch Robotics Event – “TechCrunch and MIT’s CSAIL are running a one-day event on robotics on July 17 at MIT’s Kresge Auditorium that will bring together the robotics perspective of startups, venture capital, research, government, and corporates.”

Softbank is buying robotics firms Boston Dynamics and Schaft from Alphabet – What it says on the tin. Big news in local business.

Take a Load Off. The Robots That Fold Laundry Are Coming. – What it says on the tin. I’m reminded of the Industrial Revolution’s spate of household inventions whose primary purpose was to ease the strain of servants’ (women’s) work.

US Army’s TAR head up display to give soldiers a tactical edge – Another application for augmented reality. One must ask, however, whether it is wise to manipulate the reality of a soldier. And more: Quis custodiet ipsos custodies?

Total Internal Reflection Accounts for the Bright Color of the Saharan Silver Ant – While this looks outside our wheelhouse, the biological construction of the hair on these ants makes for “remarkable thermoregulatory properties, enabling the ant to maintain a lower thermal steady state and to cope with the high temperature of its natural habitat” – which may be something interesting to study with regard to material science, space travel, and/or urban heat islands.

How to Prepare for an Automated Future – A thought-provoking article regarding the “up-skill”ing of our workforce to match the advances in automation. May suffer slightly from all interviewees being either Ivory Tower or white-collar.

Robotic priest offers blessings in digital form – What it says on the tin. I feel like there’s an Old Testament reason why this is a bad idea.

How to Recharge Batteries – An old, classic video that is, ah, very instructional.

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