RBE Items of Interest: June 23, 2017

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WPI Salamander Wins First Place at the IEEE ICRA Soft Robotics Speed Challenge – Good job, everybody! Expect to see this and the next news item as individual posts on the blog. Our robot finished the course in under a minute – every other team took over *twelve*.

WPI Robotics Team Guides Unmanned Sailboat to Victory in SailBot ’17 – We beat out the US Naval Academy! The link is to a Worcester News Tonight segment featuring our own Ken Stafford and graduate Nick Gigliotti.

Robot Uses Evil Alter Ego to Learn Reliable Grasping – A surprisingly click-baity title for IEEE. Carnegie Mellon and Google are using zero-sum games between robots’ arms to help speed up self-supervised grasp learning.

Central Saint Martins graduate creates misbehaving robots designed purely to annoy you – Put in context with the “evil alter ego” above, one wonders if the robots are trying to teach us something.

“Virtual bubble” for autonomous cars would mean goodbye traffic lights – Controlling movement through a traffic system by reading the relative speed/distance of vehicles as they approach intersections and slowing down/speeding up relative to one another to make for smooth crossing. Very similar to the “invisible top hats” discussed for drone use.

Autonomous tunneling robot takes on the trenches – A segmented robot with the name BADGER is being designed to dig tunnels without the need for major digging by humans. A neat idea, and pretty sound, but I do wonder how this will affect archaeological concerns.

The rise of autonomous cars is probably going to do interesting things to our music

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