RBE Items of Interest: July 7, 2017

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A Colonoscopy Robot and Other Weird Biomedical Tech From IEEE’s Biggest Robotics Conference – A brief overview, with videos.

Self-driving cars could soon be making decisions based on morality – The University of Osnabruck in Germany has suggested that there are some basic, non-context-related moral principles that a self-driving car can use to deal with driving’s version of the Trolley Problem.

Why Rat-Brained Robots Are So Good at Navigating Unfamiliar Terrain – What it says on the tin, with a discussion of the current navigational tech and where rat brains could prove useful.

Purifying water with swimming, bacteria-hunting microbots – A fascinating alternative to harsh chemicals: magnesium as a propellant, with gold and silver as microorganism attractors/destroyers. The bots, which are partially iron, are then cleared from the water with magnets.

Self-driving potato – Exactly what it says on the tin, oh my gosh.

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