RBE Items of Interest: November 3, 2017

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Bringing Motion to Life, Ras Labs Becomes a Breakout Labs Company – Some good news for our own Lenore Rasmussen – her company, Ras Labs, has joined the Thiel Foundation’s Breakout Labs! She has more exciting news as well – ask her!

Lockheed Martin to design giant robot sub for US Navy – What it says on the tin. Of interest to the Sailbot MQP.

Cockroach Robot Grows Tail, Does Flips – UC Berkley has apparently been working on robot roaches for a while, and now they have one that uses a simple “tail” to right itself (which real cockroaches would find useful).

Why Human-Controlled, Force-Multiplying Robots Are the Future of Work on Earth – An opinion-piece published by IEEE.

Three concerns about granting citizenship to robot Sophia – A robot from Hanson Robotics in Hong Kong has recently been granted citizenship by Saudi Arabia. This article gives the details, but largely outlines the ethical issues of same.

New RoboBee flies, dives, swims, and explodes out of the water – Incredibly cool. The video is astonishing.

Shelley: Human-AI collaborated horrors stories – From MIT, a post-Halloween treat. Shelley_ai is a twitter account powered by a deep-learning AI fed with stories from the reddit thread “r/nosleep”. She starts a story, and invites human users to continue the story in round-robin fashion.

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