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WPI Robotics at SpaceVision

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WPI Robotics at SpaceVision

Four WPI RBE graduate students, Velin Dimitrov, RJ Linton, Ty Tremblay and Benzun Babu, presented WPI’s rover ORYX 2.0 at SpaceVision, on November 8-11. Read about SpaceVision in this article by Buffalo News.

Latest from Oryx 2.0

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Congratulations are in order for Team Oryx once again!

Joe Amato (RBE’12), Jon Anderson (RBE/ME’12), Tom Carlone (RBE’12), and Michael Fagan (LA & E’12) took the First Place at the 2012 ASME Student Mechanism and Robot Design Competition ( Undergraduate Category) with their project titled “Oryx 2.0: A Mobility Platform for Analog Planetary Exploration”. Submissions were judged on the basis of creativity, practicality, integrity of analysis and design methodology, and quality of a fabricated prototype and a final report. Based on a letter of intent and a written report, Team Oryx was selected a finalist by a panel of judges from academia and industry.  The final round of the competition took place at the 2012 ASME International Design Engineering Technical Conferences in Chicago, IL, USA from August 12-15, 2012 and involved an oral presentation. The competition was sponsored by ASME, National Science Foundation and the Mathworks.

An interesting article on humans, robots and algorithms

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Automate or Perish

Successful businesses will be those that optimize the mix of humans, robots, and algorithms.

Antonio Regalado,  Business Editor of Technology Review


Team Oryx wins 2012 Robo-Ops

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It took 13 rock samples, 1 alien life form (Mr. Bill) and a ton of hard work for Team Oryx to win NASA’s 2012 RASC-AL Exploration Robo-Ops Challenge.

Oryx 2.0 at NASA’s Exploration Robo-Ops Challenge

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Before all the excitement about space exploration arrives in WPI campus for the NASA Sample Return Robot Challenge, it is only appropriate if we visit NASA’s Rock Yard with one of our robots. Oryx 2.0 will be participating in the NIA/NASA Exploration Robo-Ops Challenge from May 30-June 1. Part of our team will field the robot in Houston, TX while the control team will operate it from our campus.

In a nutshell, the challenge requires rovers controlled from home campuses to explore the Rock Yard for 1-hour and collect colored rock samples. WPI is one of the eight schools selected to participate in this year’s challenge. The teams also earn points based on the outreach activities. Please visit the following pages to support the WPI team and follow our progress.

For more information on the competition:

For live streams from rover cams:

Feel free to share and thank you in advance for your support!