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Health and Safety

WPI Health Services

WPI’s Health Services provide a place for students to recieve professional medical care. They provide urgent care as well as treat a variety of student ailments.

The Student Health Services (SHS) are the staff members, including nurses, nurse practitioners, and physicians of WPI’s Health Services.

WPI’s Emergency Medical Services is a student volunteer group that provides first responder care 24/7 to the WPI campus and community.

Safety and Security

Resources for WPI’s campus safety measures, including WPI Campus Police information, the Emergency Alert System, and safety abroad whilst on off-campus academic projects are part of WPI’s Safety and Security.

WPI’s We are WPI page provides students with the most up to date information regarding WPI’s COVID-19 response for the health and safety of the community.

WPI’s Title IX Office that handles any issues regarding sexual misconduct within the WPI community.