Welcome to WPI’s 12th Annual Sustainability Project Competition!

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This virtual event provides us all with the opportunity to share and celebrate the hard work and many ways in which the WPI community is contributing to envision a sustainable future.

WPI students have submitted sustainability-themed projects in one of three categories: first-year, undergraduate, and graduate.  These sustainability-themed projects each address a present societal need without compromising our ability to meet the needs of future generations. Projects address environmental, social, and/or economic themes that relate to sustainability.

Judges for the competition include WPI staff and faculty as well as regional sustainability experts.

The projects in the three areas are as follows:

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First Year Projects

  1. Land Use Analysis of Polar Park
  2. LiquoBot: An Autonomous Solution to Underwater Microplastics
  3. Model the Snowy Owl
  4. Pollinator Positive Panels
  5. Restoring Purpose: Adaptive Reuse
  6. Water Consumption and Invasive Species In Cape Town, South Africa
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Undergraduate Projects

  1. A Pump-Based Method to Sample Midwater Microplastic Pollution
  2. A Stride Towards The Elimination of Consumer Waste: Development of a Reusable Cup Machine
  3. Active Telepresence Assistance for Supervisory Control: A User Study with a Multi-Camera Tele-Nursing Robot
  4. An Electro-Mechanical, Wind Energy System Design for the Historic Shelter Island Windmill
  5. An Environmental Analysis of Recreational Cannabis
  6. Analyzing Pressure Drop in Flow-Through Pretreatment of Biomass
  7. Assessing the Impact of Human Activity on the Groundwater at the Mrigadayavan Palace in Cha Am, Thailand
  8. Batch Reactor Pretreatment of Brewer’s Spent Grain Enables Bioenergy Production From Continuous Anaerobic Digestion
  9. Climate Stories as a Means of Increasing Public Participation in Climate Change Adaptation in Albania
  10. Creating a Pest Resilient Garden at Turn Back Time to Support Nature- Based Education Programs
  11. Creating a Plastic-Free World in the Beauty Industry
  12. Designing an Activated Carbon Adsorption Column to Mitigate Mercury Pollution from Artisanal Small-Scale Mining in Ghana
  13. Developing a Sustainability Plan for Hammams in Morocco
  14. Dwenase Bridge Development
  15. Envisioning a World with Less Plastic: Determining the Feasibility of a Reusable Takeout Container System in Hilo, HI
  16. Hydrolytic Pretreatment of Macauba Shells for Anaerobic Digestion
  17. Lignocellulosic Hydrolysate Detoxification
  18. Onsite Plastic Recycling for Rural Places
  19. Reuse Plastic for 3D Printing
  20. Robotic Waste Sorting
  21. Silicon Epitaxy by Molten Salt Electrolysis
  22. Supporting Tower Hill’s Capabilities to Assess Environmental Impact
  23. Teaching and Learning Materials Development
  24. The Development and Study of Organic Composites
  25. Valorization of Poultry Feather Protein Residues Using Subcritical Water Hydrolysis
  26. Waste Optimization of the Amager Resource Center
Solar Panels

Graduate Projects

  1. Depression Screening with Text Messages
  2. From Waste Steel to Matériel: Additive Manufacturing Enabled Agile Manufacturing
  3. Fundamental Understanding of Removal of Water Trapped Inside a Single Cellulose Fiber
  4. HyperBERT: a light-weight pretrained language model using hypercomplex space
  5. Realizing a World without Waste through Catalytic Conversion of Food Waste
  6. Stand Against COVID: building affordable ventilators + deploying robotic medical tele-ultrasonography for better healthcare
  7. Tiketi Rafiki (Friendly Ticket)






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