A Stride Towards the Elimination of Consumer Waste: Development of a Reusable Cup Machine

Authors: Owen Smith; Nicholas Kratovil; Molly O’Connor; Gregory Kashmanian; Jehu De la Rosa

Advisors: Berk Calli; Sarah Wodin-Schwartz

Category: Undergraduate

This project pursues an autonomous solution for reducing single use cup waste through a reusable cup sharing kiosk. A design concept suitable for this type of program must receive a dirty cup from a consumer and return a clean cup ready-for-use. Such a device must have washing, drying, storing, and dispensing capabilities. The design process consists of three main steps: brainstorming, analyzing, and comparing with a design matrix. The final product prioritizes compactness and simplicity of mechanical systems. It uses a carousel-style design to pre-rinse, deep cleanse, and air-dry cups before dropping them into storage. Cups are dispensed using a two-step rack and pinion mechanism and reoriented for face-up consumer retrieval.

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