An Electro-Mechanical, Wind Energy System Design for the Historic Shelter Island Windmill

Authors: Carly Campbell; Anna Carriero; Alaa Hassan; Brandon Weyant; Georgie Wood

Advisors: Harold Walker; Brian Savilonis; James O’Rourke

Category: Undergraduate

As part of Sylvester Manor Educational Farm’s efforts to renovate the Shelter Island Windmill, we were tasked with providing design recommendations for an electro-mechanical system that allowed the 210-year-old windmill to harness energy from the wind and convert it into electricity, while still allowing operation of the mechanical grist system. By utilizing the power coefficients of a four blade dutch windmill and the average wind conditions present on Shelter Island, NY, we were also able to determine the energy potential of the Shelter Island Windmill. Additionally, we built a 3 ft scale model of the windmill that included a representation of both the grist and electrical systems, which will serve as an educational tool for Sylvester Manor Educational Farm.

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