Assessing the Impacts of Human Activity on Groundwater Salinity at the Mrigadayavan Palace in Cha Am, Thailand

Authors: Natalie Cohn; Nicole Cotto; Margaret Raque; Megan Seely

Advisors: Esther Boucher-Yip; Brigitte Servatius

Category: Undergraduate

The Mrigadayavan Palace Foundation aims to restore the Palace to its original condition by 2024. However, brackish groundwater prevents the restoration of the Palace grounds. By analyzing salinity data and interviewing community members, we found the likely cause of the brackish groundwater are the jetties feeding seawater to nearby mangroves. We recommend filling the jetties, spreading awareness of high local salinity, and implementing desalination methods to support the restoration efforts of the Foundation. Also participating- Thai students: Penpicha Janprasert, Chisanupong Kunmas, Radmehr Mohammadali, Pichayapa Vjirsangpyroj

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