Winning Projects

First Year Category:

Project #1. Small Scale Carbon Capture Implementation and Utilization at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, by Gabriel Espinosa; Alexander Wadsworth; Jack Hanlon; Advisors: Marja Bakermans, Geoffrey Pfeiffer, and Sarah Strauss

Undergraduate Category:

Project #16. Preparing for the Rise: A Study of Boston’s Sea Level & Designs for Coastal Resiliency, by Emilia Perez; Chase Gaudino; Lauren Kaija; Hannah Schulz; Trisha Worthington; Advisors: Suzanne LePage and Leonard Albano

Graduate Category (tie):

-Project #21. Experimental Study of Drying of Paper with Ultrasound Mechanism, by Zahra Noori; Advisors: Jamal Yagoobi and Burt Tilley

-Project #25. Reducing Carbon Footprint of Energy-Intensive Industrial Drying by Smart Dryers, by Munevver Elif Asar Sarikaya; Advisor: Jamal Yagoobi