Rain or Shine!
Free and open
to the public.


Exhibitor suites are located on the second level of Polar Park, next to Hanover Deck and directly across from WooSox Farms, don’t miss out!


WPI Bookstore
Location: Suite 1
Presented by: WPI Bookstore

The WPI Bookstore welcomes you to stop by their suite to grab some swag to share your WPI spirit.

WPI Alumni & Families Welcome Suite
Location: Suite 2
Presented by: WPI Alumni Association

The WPI Alumni Association welcomes you to stop by the alumni suite to learn about alumni programs, grab some swag, and get the latest updates from campus.

National Guard Enhanced School Programs
Ages:  High School (9-12)
Location:  Suite 3
Presented by:  MA National Guard School Programs
Discipline(s):  Computer Science, Cybersecurity, Robots

The Massachusetts National Guard has established itself as a pioneer in STEM training, education, and outreach. We are proud to feature a catalog of curriculum-based STEM school programs designed specifically for Bay State students and offered to our communities at no cost. Our modern age is defined by science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Seminars include robotics, coding, cyber security, and vocational training.

Science and Technology for the Soldier 
Ages: Elementary and Middle School (K-8)
Location:  Suite 4
Presented by:  Soldier Center
Discipline(s):  Engineering, Food, Science

Students can try on the latest in Military clothing and soldier protection. This includes helmets, backpacks, body army, vests, and footwear. There will also be Military rations on display to see the latest in food development such as MRE’s and Tube Foods that are used in the ISS (International Space Station). They will also learn the science behind parachute and airdrop technology. Science Behind the Soldier explains the science of protecting the Soldier in all environments with clothing, airdrop, food and shelter to provide the best quality of life in the field.

Computer Science: The Backbone of Modern Society
Exhibit Type: Hands-on Exhibit
Ages: All Ages
Location: Suite 5
Presented by: Computer Science; Upsilon Pi Epsilon
Discipline(s): Computer Science, Cybersecurity, STEM, Technology

WPI’s computer science honor society, Upsilon Pi Epsilon will be having a hands-on exhibit where individuals of all ages can come and see the broad influence of computer science in real life. Applications of computer science in aspects of everyday life will be showcased as well as some of the projects that our students have completed that the audience can interact with. Our students will explain the problem they were tasked with, their approach to problem solving, and a detailing of the end product. Guests will be able to experience first-hand the importance of computer science. For younger guests, they can see if it is a field they want to pursue as a potential career path.

Augmented Reality Sandbox
Exhibit Type: Hands-on Exhibit
Ages: All Ages
Location: Suite 6
Presented by: Civil Environmental & Architectural Engineering; Dr. Jessica Rosewitz
Discipline(s): Engineering, Science, STEM, Technology

Play in the sand with the Augmented Reality Sandbox! The AR Sandbox is a 3D interactive, dynamic educational tool to help understand mapping, topography, watersheds, natural hazards, and more! This tool uses a motion sensor and specialized computer software to map contour lines (lines of equal elevation) onto the sand that adjust to the elevation levels of the sand in real-time. It’s a fun, and addictive, way to learn through play for young and the young at heart.

Makerspace 3D Printing Exhibit
Exhibit Type: Demonstration
Ages: All Ages
Location: Suite 7
Presented by: Innovation & Entrepreneurship; Kristie DeJesus & Mitra Anand
Discipline(s): 3D Printing, Aerospace, Engineering, Physics, Robots, Science, STEM, Sustainability, Technology

Think 3D printers only produce pencil holders and phone stands? Meet members of the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Makerspace community, learn about the 3D printing process, and marvel at amazing items manufactured via 3D printing including Star Wars helmets, cosplay armor, rockets – even a life-size Gompei the Goat! Chat with several WPI students who created these masterpieces and discover how they are leveraging this technology to bring their ideas to life and positively impact tomorrow.

Meet and Greet Your Future Robot Nurse!
Exhibit Type: Hands-on Exhibit
Ages: Middle School (6-8), High School (9-12), Adult
Location: Suite 8
Presented by: Robotics Engineering; Dr. Zhi Li
Discipline(s): Health, Robots

Please come to meet a mobile humanoid robot nurse (Gopher) and play with the various interesting interfaces to control it.

Manipulation and Environmental Robotics Lab
Exhibit Type: Other
Ages: All Ages
Location: Suite 9
Presented by: Robotics Engineering; Dr. Berk Calli
Discipline(s): Computer Science, Engineering, Robots, Sustainability

MER Lab conducts research on the use of robots in environmental applications. This includes the design of waste sorting robots for recycling and the development of a robotic ship breaking system. The lab focuses on enhancing the manipulation capabilities of robots, i.e., making them more capable and robust while interacting with the objects in their surroundings. You will have opportunity to learn more about these research projects as well as various future directions and challenges in robotics research.

Healthcare Cyberphysical Systems
Exhibit Type: Hands-on Exhibit
Ages: All Ages
Location: Suite 10
Presented by: PracticePoint; Dr. Christopher Nycz
Discipline(s): Engineering, Health, Robots

See how WPI researchers are using robotics to solve challenging problems in healthcare. Learn how robots guided by MRI machines are being used to perform more accurate cancer diagnosis and treatment. See exoskeletons being used to assist individuals suffering from the effects of neurological trauma. Get a hands-on demo of teleoperated surgical robots, including playing operation on the da Vinci Surgical Robot located in the PracticePoint research lab.

Future of Robots in the Workforce Research & Development (FORW-RD NRT) Program
Exhibit Type: Demonstration
Ages: All Ages
Location: Suite 11
Presented by: FORW-RD NRT Program; Kristen Keane; Dr. Cagdas Onal
Discipline(s): Computer Science, Engineering, Robots, Technology

FORW-RD NRT is an interdisciplinary NSF funded research traineeship program focused on the Future of Robots in the Workplace. The program crosses many disciplines and has 25 masters and PhD students involved and working on interdisciplinary research projects in the area of human-robot collaboration. Our FORW-RD trainees and Principal Investigators will share their research projects and robots both live and in simulations. They will also discuss the broader impacts of these human-robot collaborations.


CozyChat: Parent Child Communication Environment
Exhibit Type: Hands-on Exhibit
Ages: All Ages
Location: Suite 11
Presented by: Computer Science; WPI Grad Student Shruti Mahajan
Discipline(s): 3D Printing, Engineering, Science, STEM, Technology

We are working on building a fun, interactive environment for parents and children. We hope to integrate this technology into homes, and help make daily family conversations fun. We make use of smart machine knitted fabrics that detect touch and augmented reality.