MS in Systems Engineering

Onsite, East Hartford, CT

Modern engineering projects increasingly demand a combination of skills from various traditional engineering disciplines. WPI’s Master of Science in Systems Engineering has been tailored for UTC employees to provide the knowledge, skills and decision-making abilities to design, manage and lead complex projects.

WPI’s Master of Science in Systems Engineering will improve your ability to:

  • Identify what customers/stakeholders want their systems to accomplish.
  • Analyze requirements, explore implementation alternatives, and design/engineer to minimize risks.
  • Develop integration, verification and validation strategies to confirm systems meet users’ needs.
  • Describe, design and develop hardware/software architectures for complex system functionality.
  • Minimize budget and schedule risks during system design and development.

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Learn more about the MS in Systems Engineering for UTC Employees in this free webinar presentation by Peter Huie. 

Program Logistics

  • Each course is 3 graduate credits each, for a total of 30 credits for the Master of Science.
  • Curriculum is composed of the following interdisciplinary courses:

    • SYS 501. Concepts of Systems Engineering
    • SYS 510. Systems Architecture
    • SYS 511. Systems Integration, Verification & Validation
    • OIE 542. Risk Management and Decision Making
    • MIS 576. Project Management
    • SYS 540. Introduction to Systems Thinking
    • SYS 520. System Optimization
    • SYS 512. Requirements Engineering
    • SYS 521. Model-Based Systems Engineering
    • SYS 585. Systems Engineering Capstone Experience
  • Classes held on-site at UTC in East Hartford


Prospective students must have an undergraduate degree in engineering or computer science from a regionally  ABET accredited university and have earned a GPA of 3.0 or better.

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