MQP Explores Modern Wind Energy System for 1800s Windmill

I’m very proud of my group of MQP students who explored the design of a modern wind energy system as part of the restoration of an 1800s-era windmill at the Sylvester Manor Education Farm on Shelter Island, NY. The project was highlighted in The Herd (“Students’ Design Could Help Turn 1800s Windmill into Modern Wind […]

Microbial ecology of novel, onsite wastewater systems

Check out our latest paper in the ASCE Journal of Sustainable Water in the Built Environment using molecular tools to elucidate the microbial ecology within Nitrogen Removing Biofilters (NRBs)! This new work shows for the first time how microbial community structure relates to treatment performance in these systems.

Direct measurement of denitrification in lignocellulose-based treatment systems

Check out our latest paper in the ASCE Journal of Sustainable Water and the Built Environment that shows the first direct measurement of denitrification of wastewater in lignocellulose-based onsite wastewater treatment systems, and importantly, little or no production of N2O gas. Using qPCR, we found denitrification was roughly correlated with the abundance of nirK genes in […]

New paper shows how water quality impacts degradation of 1,4-dioxane by UV/peroxide AOPs.

Check our our new research just published in Water Research showing that water quality, and in particular nitrate, NOM and Fe, impacts the degradation of 1,4-dioxane by UV/peroxide advanced oxidation processes (AOPs). We also develop a model to relate laboratory data to the performance of full-scale UV/peroxide systems.  

Latest research shows sequestration of P during lignocellulose treatment of wastewater

Our latest paper was just published in the ASCE Journal of Sustainable Water in the Built Environment elucidating the mechanisms of phosphorus sequestration during onsite wastewater treatment using a lignocellulose-based treatment system.

New paper in Water Research

Our most recent research (“Potential Release of Legacy Nitrogen from Sediment Surrounding Onsite Wastewater Leaching Pools”) was just published in the journal Water Research. The work explores the long term release of nitrogen from leaching pools in coastal aquifers.

Research just published in Colloids and Surfaces A:

Check our most recent paper looking at the influence of natural organic matter on the adsorption of cyanotoxins to clay minerals!

Interviewed about HABs on WCAI, Cape Cod

I was excited to be interviewed by Eve Zuckoff at WCAI, the Cape Cod affiliate of NPR, on “Why Are Potentially Dangerous Algae Blooms Spreading Through Cape Ponds?”

Research featured on cover of the journal Membranes

Our latest work on the synthesis of nanocellulose membrane material was selected to be featured on the cover of the journal Membranes.

Infusing behavioral ethics into engineering

I was excited to attend the 2019 Annual Conference of the American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE) in Tampa, Florida last week to present my peer reviewed paper on infusing “Behavioral Ethics” into the engineering curriculum. It was great to be at the conference and see all the innovations in engineering education!

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