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Worcester Division of Public Health: CHIP Walk

Project Sponsor: Worcester Division of Public Health 

The Worcester Division of Public Health works to protect and improve community well-being by preventing disease and injury while promoting social, economic and environmental factors fundamental to health. The Worcester “D.P.H.” gives great effort to track and investigate health hazards in the community. once the health hazards have been identified, the D.P.H. develops,applies and enforces policies, laws and regulations that improve health and ensure safety. The policies created help prepare for and respond to public health emergencies in the communities; while leading efforts to mobilize communities around important health issues.

Community Health Improvement Plan

In the year 2012, the City of Worcester Department of Public Health partnered with Common Pathways, UMass Memorial, and 90 other community groups to create the Community Health Improvement Plan, commonly known as the C.H.I.P. The primary vision of the C.H.I.P. is that the diverse community members of the Greater Worcester region will become the healthiest in New England by the year 2020 (Greater Worcester Region Community Health Improvement Plan, 2013). The plan focuses on the prosperity of seven communities, specifically the towns of Grafton, Holden, Leicester, Millbury, Shrewsbury, West Boylston and Worcester. The 2012 Greater Worcester Region C.H.I.P is a product of the Community Health Assessment (C.H.A.). A Community Health Assessment aims to identify the health-related needs and strengths of the Greater Worcester region via surveying the community and inquiring data from medical studies. From the Community Health Assessment completed every 2 year; the C.H.I.P. determines major health priorities, overarching goals, and specific objectives and strategies that can be implemented in a coordinated way across the region to improve the health problems.

C.H.I.P Walk

The Chip Walk is an event to publicize the components of the C.H.I.P program to the Greater Worcester Community. The event is a large scale walk connecting all the cities to show unity in pursuit of a healthy community.

Student Researchers 

(from left to right) Nicholas Christie- Aerospace Engineering, 2016
Keith Sullivan – Mechanical/Fire Protection Engineering, 2016
Haili Welton- Management Information Systems, 2016
Yasmeen Luna- Management Information Systems, 2016

Goals and Objectives

  1.  Understand the C.H.I.P and D.P.H goals or the greater community.
  2. Assess the feasibility of the C.H.I.P Walk event as a whole.
  3. Geo-map various C.H.I.P Walk route plans that will allow for the easiest pedestrian transportation.
  4. Identify key locations, local businesses, and potential community partners along the route.  
  5. Identify public safety department and allocate event permits
  6. Determine methods of promotion to garner support and awareness
  7. Preliminary development of the C.H.I.P

Final Report

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