Virtual Village Sample Content

About This Sample Page

This page serves as an example for how OSV could set up content delivery for the Virtual Village. By uploading unlisted videos to YouTube and embedding them into the web page, OSV can easily host video without needing to invest in server infrastructure. By separating content topics into their respective tabs the user can easily find the content they are looking for.

Sample Content

We have created a sample content page under the cooking tab. We encourage you to go there and check out how content can be made and presented in a website format.

Video Hosting Services

There are numerous options for a company to choose from when trying to host videos and monetize them online. Some of the most common platforms are Vimeo, Uscreen, and Patreon. Each of these services allows for the hosting and monetization of the content for a monthly price. Vimeo and Uscreen both charge a flat monthly rate. Patreon takes a percent cut of monthly revenue earned. We recommend that OSV research which service will provide the best service for their needs. Please note that although we did use YouTube for the example video it is against YouTube terms of service to monetize content that is hosted on a third party website.