Fall 2013

During Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s B term (October 29-December 19, 2013), 22 WPI undergraduate students from a variety of majors engaged in six different community engagement projects.

Fall 2013 projects include:

  • In collaboration with the African Community Education Program, students worked to devise a stable and cohesive marketing plan for the organization.
  • In collaboration with the Central Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, students worked with Central Massachusetts municipalities to facilitate municipal compliance with the new stormwater discharge permit,
  • In collaboration with the Massachusetts Watershed Coalition, students expanded and improved an inventory of stormwater mitigation best management practices currently being used in Massachusetts municipalities,
  • In collaboration with the Worcester Historical Museum, students designed an interactive, historically themed, portable miniature golf course to increase interest in Worcester history and the museum itself,
  • In collaboration with the Worcester Art Museum, students surveyed current and potential museum visitors to increase the museums attraction to the 18-21 demographic and discern desirable components for a sustainable museum cafe.