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Our Interactive Qualifying Project Team is made up of Katie Coutu, Tynan MacLeod, Tristan Ricardson, and Sam Teatum.


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Katie Coutu is an Industrial Engineering major in her junior year at WPI. She is from Lincoln, Rhode Island. She is a chairperson on the school’s Social Committee and is a member of Phi Sigma Sigma sorority. She is the Student Team Lead at WPI’s Career Development Center and is currently a Business Analysis Intern at a large investment firm in Rhode Island. Katie loves spending time shopping and hanging out with her friends especially her dog Charlie and her new puppy Bentley (pictured right).





Tynan MacLeod (left) is a Groton, MA native who is double majoring in Biomedical Engineering and Electrical & Computer Engineering. Now in his junior year at WPI, he is a member of the Men’s Varsity Soccer team and a brother of the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity. He also works as a Campus Center Building Manager on the WPI campus.




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Tristan Richardson is a Biomedical Engineering major concentrating in Biomaterials/ Tissues with a minor in Biology and Spanish in his junior year at WPI. He is from North Attelboro, MA. He is a brother of the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity as well as a member of the Men’s Soccer team and the Track and Field team. He has been a Campus Center Building Manager for the past two years. Tristan loves soccer,  beluga whales (pictured right), his dog, Finnegan, and is a self-diagnosed shopaholic.




 Samuel Teatum is a junior at WPI, currently majoring Mechanical  Engineering, and working towards a minor in Theatre. With his mix of  creativity and technical skills, he enrolled at WPI to pursue his life’s goal: to go into business inventing things that make the world a better place. He is currently performing a minor role in WPI’s upcoming  student production of Inherit the Wind, and serving as Vice President of the Society of Medieval Arts and  Sciences, a club revolving around medieval crafts and simulated combat. In his free time, Sam enjoys  making sculptures, telling stories, and playing tabletop games with his friends.