Community Harvest Project: Harvesting for Health: Optimizing Farm Operations for a Local Non-Profit

‎Welcome to our page! The goal of this project was to collaborate with Community Harvest Project (CHP) to comparatively analyze similar organizations, and to optimize operations in nutrition education, tracking produce distribution, managing partner relationships, volunteers, and community outreach. Through 15 interviews with similar nonprofit organizations, and four CHP staff interviews, we ascertained that CHP serves as a model for many organizations, however still has areas they wish to improve upon. We compiled a list of recommendations to help Community Harvest Project continue to provide access to fresh fruits and vegetables to as many people as possible.


 Student Researchers Project Sponsor Goals & Objectives Executive Summary Final Report & Video

Student Researchers:

Abigail Hanson, Biomedical Engineering

Garrett Peters, Civil Engineering

Seungjoon (Peter) Lee, Biomedical Engineering

Rose Gougian, Chemical Engineering


From left to right: Peter, Rose, Abby, and Garrett

Project Sponsor: The Community Harvest Project (CHP) is a non-profit community farm that engages volunteers to grow fresh fruits and vegetables to distribute to those experiencing hunger in the greater Worcester County area. CHP improves access to healthy foods through its volunteer farming, nutrition education initiatives, and community partnerships. Check out their website here!

Project Goal: The goal of our project was to collaborate with Community Harvest Project to comparatively analyze similar organizations both nationally and locally to ultimately optimize farm operations and outreach.


1: Identify and Evaluate Current Nutrition Education Programs at CHP

2: Identify and Evaluate Current Methods for Tracking Distribution and Maintaining Partner Relationships at CHP

3: Identify Strategies from Similar Non-Profit Organizations

4: Comparatively Analyze Strategies of Similar Non-Profit Organizations

5: Identify and Evaluate Who Needs CHP and for What Purpose

6: Develop Recommendations for CHP