Alpha Fest FAQ

Where can I find the projects on display?

All the projects being showcased in Alpha Fest can be found on the Projects page! Not all projects will have something for you to download – but for the ones that do, make sure to keep all the files together and follow any instructions provided. If you get stuck, please let one of the developers know.

Where can I watch other people play games?

If you are a member of the WPI community, head to this page and join the IMGD Discord server! We have set aside a number of virtual meeting rooms for this purpose. Follow our brief guide on watching Discord streams to learn more.

You can also help the exhibitors a lot by streaming yourself playing some games! One of the main reasons we have this event is to show exhibitors how different people interact with the projects – and in turn, give the exhibitors an early sense of whether their design is successful. Since the event is remote this year, sharing your screen and talking as you play is the most live feedback the exhibitors can get. If this is something you’d like to do, please read through our streaming guide for setup instructions.

How can I get my IMGD playtesting credit filled?

If you’re taking an IMGD class this term, you may need to show your professor that you played at least 2 student-made games. Exhibitors are responsible for collecting your email (if you want the credit) during the event, then sending you a confirmation message later. Professor’s guidelines on this may vary, so check through any requirements they have posted beforehand.

I’m having trouble running an app on my Mac!

Check out the Mac setup guide for help. Macs don’t usually trust apps from unknown sources (like the ones on display), so the guide steps you through how to make them work!

I’m an exhibitor. What do I need to do before attending?

If you have submitted a project to Alpha Fest, please check out our Exhibitor Guide! This will go over some things to check over/remember before the event.

Who can I ask if I have other questions?

That depends! If you have a question about the event itself, you can summon the help of a Discord server moderator by typing @Booth IQP in any text channel. If you have a question about a specific project, reach out to one of the developers in a voice or text channel (or email, if provided).

That’s it! Be kind, ask questions, and enjoy yourself!
While this isn’t quite the same as our usual Alpha Fest, we hope to make this virtual version as engaging and fun as it can be.