Dyadic Unity

Developer(s):  Sarah Love, Daniel Ribaudo, Rachael Sallie

Summary: Dyadic Unity (DU) is a highly replayable 2D sidescroller role-playing game (RPG) puzzle experience that targets teens and adults who enjoy non-violent puzzle games and whimsical fantasy. The game takes place within two mirrored worlds that the player can switch between at will. One is a world of order and its counterpart is a world of chaos. Players control two mythical creatures in a whimsical setting where they must gain the favor of each land’s guardian by assisting the local creatures. Though the lands and characters may seem to be opposites at first glance, they are actually two halves of the same whole, and with the right choices, the player may unite them. As the player explores the world, they will navigate a series of social interactions that will influence the state of the game world.