Glucose Trail Diabetes Simulation

Developer(s):  Jasmine Duerk, Karen Hou, Kaamil Lokhandwala, Dylan Valev

Summary: This project is for the telemedicine non-profit Glucose Trail, made in an effort to educate people about the blood sugar of people with diabetes. The team will conduct research about diabetes and how telemedicine may impact a patient in a positive way to encourage and motivate a lifestyle change. This corresponds with Glucose Trail’s mission of reaching patients early, empowering them to treat their diabetes intelligently, and to improve the wellbeing of our world community. The final product will be a digital simulation available as a free mobile application so that anyone may use it in order to fully understand the impact of diabetes.

The Glucose Diabetes Sim IQP aims to create a mobile application game that effectively portrays the immediate and long-term consequences of daily lifestyle choices of a person with type 2 diabetes while simultaneously keeping users engaged. The application will follow the life of Sam, a character with type 2 diabetes, as the player tries to hit ideal blood sugar and A1c scores through the maintenance of Sam’s diet, exercise, and insulin. In completing different tasks, players will receive unprompted badges and rewards.