Jelly Trip

Developer(s):  Helena Cohen

Summary: The main goal of this project was to create a visually appealing animation featuring a jellyfish that follows a non traditional jelly life. In order to further complicate the animation, another goal was to incorporate lots of colors and patterns and experiment with making the animation kind of abstracted psychedelic. In order to achieve this, the color scheme remained rather vibrant and patterns were introduced where artistically possible. Jelly Trip tells the story of a young jelly fish entering and embracing his life in the “real” world. The scene opens with a shot of the ocean. As the waves are crashing, the sun begins to rise in the early morning. A stray gust of wind pushes around a plastic bag which floats through the air before landing on the ocean’s surface where it then gets pulled underwater by a riptide. The rip tide spins the bag around which causes the jelly fish to emerge and essentially signifies his birth. The jelly, confused, spins around violently before inking like a squid across the screen. At this moment is when the patterns ensue.