Metal micronutrients such as Cu2+, Zn2+, and Fe2+ play essential roles in biological systems as protein cofactors. However, their redox activity can lead cell damage if intracellular levels are not properly maintained. Because their critical functions and potential toxicity transition metals are at the center of host-pathogens interactions. We take advantage of tractable bacterial models to uncover molecular mechanisms that lead to transition metal homeostasis.

We are driven by our interest in understanding the chemistry behind fundamental biological processes. We aim to uncover and understand molecular mechanisms that maintain transition metal homeostasis in bacteria. We seek to conduct high quality basic research while training young scientist by promoting creativity and critical thinking.

Join Us!

Our laboratory has openings for graduate students, MQPs, and undergraduate students in all our projects.

If interested in performing a research rotation or an MQP in our laboratory, please contact Dr. José Argüello.

If interested in gaining experience as a volunteer undergraduate student, please contact Dr. Karla Diaz Rodriguez.

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