Project Photos

MassDEP Logo


Our visit to the Palmer site.


Presentation night in Boston.


Our visit to the Billerica site.


Pamer Site


Our site visit to Palmer’s old airfield! The funny part about this video is we actually went to the wrong site at first (which is where this video was recorded) because there’s two sites next to each other. This was actually the landfill site, we drove in thinking we were at the right one because we saw cars but they were the electricians doing testing on-site. We headed out of there to the site next door which was just as massive and impressive.


The boat tour we went on as a whole class was very fun and informative! You get to see a lot of Boston you would never see on land and you learn a lot of the history of Boston. Planes fly into Logan every minute so we saw quite a few fly over us while on the boat.



MassDEP’s office is located right at Downtown Crossing, this view was right outside the doors. We got to eat at many of the restaurants and cafes nearby and began to learn the streets of Boston.