2019 – Enhancing Mixed Uses for the Boston Waterfront – Boston Harbor Now

Authors: Ching Wing Cheng (CS, ’20), Tyler Morris (ECE ’20), Thomas White (CS ’20)

Sponsor: Jill  Valdes Horwood, Boston Harbor Now

Advisor: Professor Seth Tuler


Boston is facing conflict along its waterfront with competing options on how to redevelop land along its Inner Harbor Designated Port Areas (DPAs). DPAs are regulated areas intended to protect marine-dependent industries. Thus, permitted development in those areas is very limited. The goal of this project was to provide guidance for implementing beneficial mixed-use developments for the Inner Boston Harbor Designated Port Areas. By exploring options from port cities around the world and combining this information with insights about culture, physical attributes, and community opinions gained through news and journal articles, interviews, and site visits, we prepared a series of case studies and recommendations for Boston Harbor Now about how to utilize vacant land within the Inner Harbor.

About Our Sponsor

Boston Harbor Now is working to re-establish Boston as one of the world’s truly great coastal cities.  Everything we do is in partnership with public agencies, communities and private and non-profit partners.

  • We encourage people to explore Boston’s waterfront and Islands through promoting and hosting hundreds of free and low-cost recreational, cultural and social events.
  • We partner with the Mass Department of Transportation to develop and advance a Boston Harbor-wide water transportation plan for expanded ferry service.
  • We co-manage and improve visitor experiences of the Boston Harbor Islands National and State Park.
  • We partner with the City of Boston and waterfront communities to prepare for sea level rise while promoting outstanding waterfront open space.
  • We support investment and innovation in Boston’s working port to better support our 21st Century maritime economy.

Sourced from: https://www.bostonharbornow.org/about-us/overview/