Power Industry + Pandemic = Cybersecurity Concerns

COVID-19 shelter-at-home rules have increased our reliance on the internet, and cyber criminals have taken notice! Utilities have databases full of personally identifiable information and are operators of critical infrastructure—attractive targets for hacker thieves and potentially hostile nations. With remote work likely to continue even after the world overcomes the novel coronavirus, this is a…Continue Reading Power Industry + Pandemic = Cybersecurity Concerns

Vaccines: The COVID-19 Solution?

With over 6.15 M confirmed cases of COVID-19 reported worldwide as of June 1, 20201, scientists in pharma, biotech, start-ups, research institutes, and universities around the world are racing to develop tests, treatments, and vaccines2 to combat COVID-19. Today in the U.S. there are ~110 FDA-approved test kit manufacturers and commercial laboratories,3 and more than…Continue Reading Vaccines: The COVID-19 Solution?