Scams Targeting International Students in America

Traveling to a foreign country can be intimidating, much less living there for the first time! Adjusting to a foreign land comes with its share of challenges, leaving you feeling a tad vulnerable. And, regrettably, amidst the excitement, some might attempt to take advantage of your unfamiliarity to scam you. Read this article on some…Continue Reading Scams Targeting International Students in America

Interviewing After Grad School

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So, you’ve just graduated … now what? Getting into the workforce, whether you’re interviewing for your first job or your third promotion, can be very nerve-wracking. You may be very anxious to interview, and that feeling is completely normal. This blog will help calm those pre-interview jitters with helpful tips and tricks from Worcester Polytechnic…Continue Reading Interviewing After Grad School

Study Tips for Graduate Students

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With the semester coming to an end, graduate students are no doubt starting to stress about finals! Balancing your workload, friends, studying, working full time, and other commitments can be exhausting and overwhelming. The pressure is on to do well on exams, and that totally adds to the stress!   Taking care of your mental health…Continue Reading Study Tips for Graduate Students

Online vs. In-Person Graduate Programs

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Introduction  In today’s competitive job market where specialized degrees and knowledge are increasingly valued, the decision to pursue a graduate degree can mean big things for your career and personal development. It takes careful consideration of lots of factors, including your career goals, financial situation, lifestyle, and learning style.  Whether you are weighing the pros…Continue Reading Online vs. In-Person Graduate Programs

Is Grad School Worth It?

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Professionals pursuing a graduate degree have been on the rise in recent years, and you might be wondering: is graduate school worth it? You may have worked with many people who have a master’s degree already. Perhaps you are an undergraduate student trying to decide if you will enter the workforce or continue with higher…Continue Reading Is Grad School Worth It?

What Can I Do With a Master’s Degree in Artificial Intelligence (AI)?  

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Why Get a Master’s Degree in AI?   Artificial intelligence (AI) is in virtually every headline nowadays. It has begun to filter into every industry, including art, education, social media, business, and beyond. Those in the technology field have known about the usefulness of AI and have been using it to train and build algorithms for…Continue Reading What Can I Do With a Master’s Degree in Artificial Intelligence (AI)?  

International Affairs: Coping with Culture Shock

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According to, nearly half a million international students studied at the graduate level in the United States in the 2022-2023 school year. This goes as no surprise to all of us in Grad Studies at WPI—more than a third of our full-time grad school population is comprised of international students! And thanks to a…Continue Reading International Affairs: Coping with Culture Shock

AI at WPI | Critical Conversation explores Chat GPT

Early last year, tech giants like Microsoft and Google have scrambled to get their predictive text models to market after ChatGPT, a large language artificial intelligence platform, shocked the world with its eerily lifelike but not-quite-perfect ability to carry on conversations and pump out essays, computer code, and blurbs of text about anything and everything users ask…Continue Reading AI at WPI | Critical Conversation explores Chat GPT