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Sheltering in Place

Olivia Madamba

A collage of magazine clippings.


Cameron Walsh


Inside I stay, all day, every day

Sitting at my desk, both doing work and playing

Online with my friends, trying to stay sane,

Learning from our mistakes, improving our

Awareness of reality and

The map on the screen in front of us, trying

In vain to win game after game, seeking praise from

Ourselves, because we have

Nothing else that we know how to do.

Not Alone

Madeline Blake

Staying connected is no simple task,

When staying at home is what they ask.

Keep those connections and friendships too,

But don’t go see them, not even a few.


Hey, now that Zoom is mostly free,

You can video chat with all, and those friends you will see.

Try using social media, keep those streaks alive,

Keep the challenges going, and you will thrive.


Don’t forget about those relationships with pets,

Keep them exercised, and you will have no regrets.

Fish, horses, dogs, and cats oh my,

If I wanted to be bored in my house, I’d really have to try.


So think about it this way, you aren’t really alone,

You aren’t missing out, just pick up the phone.

This too shall pass, and you won’t lose your mind,

Please stay at home, and the end you will find.


Amanda Wetmore

I am so lucky

That during isolation

I am not alone

Emma Bennett, 4.3.2020. Hampstead, NH

You don’t realize how much you miss school until it’s taken away.

Erica Houghton, 4.1.2020. Worcester, MA

These signs sit ironically over my desk as I can’t go anywhere or talk to anyone.

“Hey Covid-19”

Hannah Schulz and Emma Bennett

Robert Peralta

Amanda Wetmore

Mia DiBattista

Olivia Madamba

Connor Craigie

Connor Skinner

Madeline Blake

Hannah Gallagher

Amanda Wetmore, 4.3.2020. Long Island, Lake Winnipesaukee.

I’m trying to continue to do what I love during this difficult time which means playing volleyball outside by myself.

Amanda Wetmore, 3.29.2020. Long Island, Lake Winnipesaukee.

I couldn’t wait for the ice to melt to get back out on the lake. A kayak ride along the shore was still worth it to get out of the house.

Connor Skinner, 4.2.2020. Keeping Busy:

With not much else to do, my mom and I have turned to baking as a way to pass the time.

Amanda Wetmore, 4.3.2020. Long Island, Lake Winnipesaukee

At-home workouts have been a struggle, but I am doing my best to stay active.

Connor Craigie

This is an image of my driveway currently. My sister loves to play tennis but is currently stuck inside. Sadly, her season will most likely be cancelled and misses going to the courts. As a temporay training solution, I placed a section of plywood up against our rock wall and spray painted a line to represent the net at regulation height. She hits against it for hours whenever the weather is appropriate.