Dusty Star Observatory

About the Observatory

The Observatory opened in 2019 and was funded by the Glacier National Park Conservancy. The observatory is utilized by the park’s astronomical activities. With Glacier’s designation as an International Dark Sky Park, the observatory has an important role in giving visitors a unique interaction with the night sky. 

Image Source: CloudyNights.com

Telescope View Requests

Do you have a favorite planet or galaxy? Submit a request for celestial objects to be captured by the observatory crew. If visible, we may be able to capture an image of your object and upload it to the media gallery!

Image courtesy of Ben Allan Smith (2019)

Media Gallery

See past images and video taken by the observatory crew through the telescope.

How Telescopes Work

Are you interested in how a telescope works? See how objects in the sky appear bigger in a telescope and what each part of a telescope does. 

Image Source: Glacier National Park Conservancy