Day: November 13, 2018

How Will an Artificial Mountain Reduce Pollution?

Group: Governance. Interesting idea of using soil, that would otherwise go to waste, for absorbing pollution. The artificial mountain could absorb CO2 from the atmosphere and safely store it while adding to the community landscape.

Oysters: How these shellfish are being used in Louisiana to prevent soil erosion

This article goes into the research being done on oyster reefs and their ability to slow the progress of soil erosion on the coast of Louisiana. At the four control sites in the study, the oyster reefs were able to half the rate of erosion over a few months. One interesting social concept behind this environmental problem is how restaurants used to return used oyster shells to fisherman. Fisherman would then return these shells to the ocean and oyster reefs were created through this process. According to the article, only one or two restaurants still do this. Now, oyster shells are sent to landfills, where they are processed in useless ways.


Group: Extractive Colonialism

Prevention and Control of Soil Pollution in China

Our group found this article to be extremely interesting and illuminating on current foreign policy. ┬áMore specifically this article focuses on soil conservation in China, where there is a major soil pollution problem. ┬áTo combat this problem, China has implemented progressive policies and laws. The new law specifies that the polluter is primarily responsible for… Read more Prevention and Control of Soil Pollution in China

Egypt and Senegal Receive Gamma Detectors to Help Combat Soil Erosion

The people of Egypt and Senegal rely heavily on the agriculture sector as a means of income and food. Recently, both countries have fallen to the intense impacts of soil erosion. These countries have worked along side the UN and other organizations to further develop the creation of Gamma Detectors. Gamma Detectors provide a longer… Read more Egypt and Senegal Receive Gamma Detectors to Help Combat Soil Erosion