Day: December 13, 2018

The Human Responsibility to Revive, Maintain, and Care for Their Environment

The human need to maintain our environment is one that should not go unrecognized. It deserves to have the same awareness as other human-focused issues, and I am hoping to do just that. Awareness starts with learning, so test your knowledge of some issues that involve humans! Play my Kahoot here! Spencer McClellan  

Water Pollution is a Transboundary Issue

Currently Somalia is experiencing a Cholera outbreak. Their rivers became infected with the disease due to water pollution. Watch our news interview style video showing how two very different NGO’s are each trying to combat water pollution in order to prevent further disasters from occurring. Click here to watch our video -Amber Lindberg & Emily… Read more Water Pollution is a Transboundary Issue

To A More Sustainable Apparel Supply Chain ?


As a normal human being, you’re surely wearing some clothes at this very moment. At least we hope for you.

When we buy them, the labels often mentions “Made in China”, “Made In Bangladesh”, but have you ever wondered the important question : How is it made ? And what is the price ?

Come and dive in our brand new website to discover more informations about the appalling upstream supply chain behind our beloved apparel !

–> Here you go <–

Arthur & Vianney

Global Ecological Footprint

My Final Project is a video, sort of a public service announcement, that highlights some of the questions people have about ecological footprint, the conditions of the earth today, and changes that should be made for the future. Ecological footprint is something our entire planet needs to consider as well as individual countries and individual people. Many things factor into our personal footprint that are overlooked, and keeping this mind could help to preserve the environmental state of Earth.

Click here to watch my video