Below are a table of resources to help provide support and guidance as individuals and organizations work their way through the proposed roadmap of recommendations.

Resources for Estimating Emissions 

Air Travel Estimation  
ICAO Website:  
ICAO Methodology:  

Living Accommodations Estimation  
HCMI Website:  
Hotel Emissions Case Study:  

Ground Travel Estimation  
Average Fuel Consumption Data by Vehicle Type: 
Resources for Reducing Emissions 

A list of several green hotel programs, both domestic and international:  
Hotel emissions case study:  
Some tips for sustainable living: (Some may be a little extreme for students on IQP, but all should be effective.) 
Resources for Carbon Offsets 
Native Energy:  
Sustainable Travel International:  
Gold Standard Certification:  
Climate Action Reserve:  
Verified Carbon Standard:  
American Carbon Registry:  
Plan Vivo:  
Climate, Community, & Biodiversity Alliance: 
Resources for Climate Projects 

The Climate Stories:  
Relevant IQP Projects –
Climate Change Resiliency:  
Energy Efficiency:
Resources for Climate Literacy  

Examples of Educational Modules and Exercises 
Following this entire program enhances climate literacy  
Climate literacy: The Essential Principles of Climate Science:  
Climate Change and Health Lesson Plan:  
Energy Literacy:  
CLEAN: Committed to Climate and Energy Education:  
Global Change reports library:  
Activity for mapping emissions:  

Race to Zero Resources:  
Criteria to sign race to Zero:  
Review process guide:  
Summary of updates to the criteria:  
Race to Zero for universities:  
Sign up: