Below you’ll find most of the primary sources and research notes on Samoan history that I have collected for my book, Coconut Colonialism, from archives around the world (total of c. 4,500 pages). For exact citations of archival pics, you can search the notes in the same file. All files can be downloaded in pdf format.

American Samoa Hearings (1931)

American Samoa Archives (Pics & Notes)

Australian Archives (Pics & Notes)

Bundesarchiv Berlin & Koblenz (Pics & Notes)

Bundesarchiv-Militärarchiv Freiburg i. B. (Pics & Notes)

George Handy Bates Papers (Pics & Notes)

Library of Congress (Pics & Notes)

National Archives College Park (Pics & Notes)

National Archives Washington DC (Pics & Notes)

National Archives San Bruno (Pics & Notes)

Archives New Zealand Wellington (Pics & Notes)

Alexander Turnbull Library Wellington (Pics & Notes)

U Auckland Library (Pics & Notes)

Samoan Archives (Pics & Notes)