Our research program explores the designs of a range of biomedical devices from implantable devices to wearable devices that ensure device security, personal privacy, accurate bio-sensing, and reliable operation and proposes possible directions of study that tackle the fundamental challenges including

i) how sustainable energy harvesting and its efficient storage and usage are possible for continuous long-term personal health monitoring,

ii) how the security of all these sensors associated with smart healthcare will be assured in terms of maintaining proper functionality of devices and protecting private information,

iii) how accurate and reliable sensing interfaces will be able to receive very low-amplitude signals coming from various environments, such as inside the body.

Sustainable Energy Harvesting Systems for Continuous Long-Term Health Monitoring

Secure Bio-implants and Wearables

Wireless, Sensor Interfaces for Medical and General Purpose IoTs


Recent Studies


Bio-Impedance Measurement IC for Neural Interface Applications

Bacteria-Based Bio-Sensors Implanted in the Human Body for the Early Detection of Infection

Modeling Electrical and Molecular Channels in Microbiome-Gut-Brain Axis (MGBA)