2021-09-01: Congratulations to Teagan Bate on winning the 2021 physics department outstanding teaching assistant award. 

2021-08-18: Kun-Ta Wu was elected a full member in Sigma Xi: The scientific research honor society

2021-07-22: Yen-Chen and Brock’s work on Scientific Reports 11, 13965 (2021) is reported on WPI Today.

2021-07-07: Congratulations to Yen-Chen Chen and Brock Jolicoeur for a publication on Scientific Reports. Yen-Chen and Brock found a way to manipulate intradroplet circulation without touching the droplet. Please find details in Scientific Reports 11, 13965 (2021)

2021-05-20: Good job by Meng Lian and Teagan Bate who spent a year developing the module that was designed to promote active matter education. Video part of the module is available on YouTube. The full module is available on Partnership for Integration of Computation into Undergraduate Physics online platform.

2021-05-20: Congratulations to Megan Varney on giving an inspirational commencement speech (at 42:20).

2021-04-30: Congratulations to Megan who succeeded in defending her master thesis. 

2021-03-30: Good job to Yen-Chen, Brock, Teagan, Edward, and Meng on giving the APS talks online. The talks are available on the YouTube playlist: APS March Meeting 2021

2021-03-01: Kun-Ta gave a physics department colloquium talk, titled Flow coupling between active and passive fluids across interfaces of compressed active droplets.

2021-02-15: Wu lab received a 5-year funding from National Science Foundation to investigate mixing and vorticity dynamics of active fluid systems (more information on WPI Today).

2021-02-11: Mixing is a repeated process of stretching and folding. Check out our dough-mixing video that demonstrated the essence of the mixing.

2021-01-28: Teagan and Edward produced an introduction video to the Wu Lab. Come check it out.

2020-05-23: Megan won the Physics Department Honorary Major Qualifying Project Award.

2019-11-27: Teagan, Edward, and Megan’s work was invited to publish a video-based paper on Journal of Visualized Experiments. Please find the video and paper in Journal of Visualized Experiments (153), e60484 (2019).

2019-07-24: Teagan, Edward, and Megan’s work on Soft Matter 15, 5006 (2019) is reported on WPI Today.

2019-06-26: Congratulations to Teagan, Edward and Megan for a publication on Soft Matter featured on the journal’s inside back cover. Please find details in Soft Matter 15, 5006 (2019).


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