WPI is proud to continue a strong partnership with MITRE in delivering graduate education in systems engineering and electrical and computer engineering with a focus in cybersecurity to MITRE employees.
Delivery format for graduate programs is based on best option for location of the program, which may include synchronous or asynchronous (with online options).

MS in Systems Engineering

MITRE Sponsor for Systems Engineering program: Tom Wheeler

Overall, I found the WPI MS Systems Engineering Program to be great!!  The combination of the age and experience diversity of the MITRE Cohort, the delivery format, and the ability to take the classes in the evenings at MITRE – coupled with the course materials, course projects, deeply knowledgeable and helpful Instructors was fantastic.  I would certainly recommend the Program to other MITREs who have a real thirst to understand the broader aspects of Systems Engineering, and how to apply it to solve our Sponsor’s problems.

– Frank Picca, Systems Engineering Alum

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MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering with a focus in Cybersecurity

MITRE Sponsor for Cybersecurity ECE program: Dave Moody

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Professor Alex Wyglinski


Learn more about Professor Alex Wyglinski, PNT Program Director for the MITRE MS Collaboration here.

Contact for more information on Systems Engineering MS or Cybersecurity – ECE MS
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