The NNL is equipped with facilities for advanced research in the areas of bottom-up nanofabrication through uniform self-assembly, nano-bioscience, and characterization of nanomaterials and biomaterials, including:

  • Anodization, electrodeposition, and electroless deposition workstations
  • A chemical vapor deposition system
  • A tissue culture incubator
  • A UV-visible spectrophotometer
  • A BAS electrochemical workstation equips with A.C. impedance module
  • A Millipore filtration system
  • An electrospinning equipment set
  • A cold gas dynamic spraying equipment set

Standard equipment to synthesize and process nanomaterials and biomaterials such as a chemical fume hood, a water purification system, an analytical balance, a micro centrifuge, low temperature storage, water baths, stirring hotplates, a pH meter, ultrasonic cleaners, three low temperature thermostats, a programmable heavy duty muffle furnace, a vacuum, a tube, and two general purpose furnaces

Shared facilities with WPI’s materials community: further information can be found on Materials Characterization Laboratory


Some NNL research facilities

Facilities: Standard Equipment

Standard Equipment

Facilities: Vacuum Furnace

Vacuum Furnace







Facilities: Battery Analyzer

Battery Analyzer

Facilities: BAS Electrochemical Workstation

BAS Workstation











Pressure Reactor

Facilities: Low Temperature Storage

Low-Temp. Storage


Low-Temp. Thermostats