Increasing access, quality, and representation for CAD Modeling Education

Guest post by: Reza Ebadi, Assistant Professor of Teaching, Mechanical & Materials Engineering Department While the demand for skilled CAD modelers continues to rise, the available learning resources often fall short in terms of accessibility, content alignment, and representation. Many

Inspiring and EmpOwERing undergraduates to engage with and contribute to the primary literature

Guest post by: Lou Roberts, Associate Professor of Teaching, Department of Biology and Biotechnology When I reflect on my exposure to the primary literature as a Biology and Biotechnology major at WPI, I recall being introduced to journal articles by

Massachusetts Colleges Collaborate to Create Culturally Relevant Open Textbooks

During Open Education week you don’t have to look far to find exciting initiatives that are building new open education resources that also help create more inclusive learning experiences for all students.   In September 2021 a consortium of six